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    Bigger Is Better underwear from KYBOE! fuses hot European fashion with sexy, modern cuts. Since its acquisition in 2015 by American entrepreneurs Marc Bell and Jennifer Bell, KYBOE has long been a trend-setter in the watch industry. Then in 2017, Kyboe ventured in a new direction with its Bigger is Better underwear, and just like its watches, Kyboe’s underwear is an ideal choice for modern, fashion-conscious, and active men.

    With its bold colors, Bigger is Better underwear for men appeals to a wide range of tastes and allows you to express your individuality. Bigger is Better underwear is made of high quality cotton and elastane, and all of Bigger is Better briefs and trunks come with a supportive and defining contour pouch. Wear Bigger is Better underwear to express your individual style and taste for comfort and creativity.